Sunday, April 27, 2008

A very good report on the state of Hezbullah in Lebanon with some interesting insights into what happened in 2006.


sasa said...

Very good??? I'm furious he's written that. I read it this morning. It puts Lebanon in so much danger, and reveals a lot of military secrets.

This is my favourite quote: "'The most important thing is to never talk,' says one fighter, who agreed to speak about the group"

There's also a lot of dubious journalism:

"A trip by The Observer through villages in the Hizbollah heartland confirmed a conspicuous lack of fighting-age men."

"confirmed" - you frikking drove through some villages!! "Suggested" would be a better word.

"posters showing young men killed in training exercises [in Iran and Syria] are cropping up. One is of Ahmad Hashem, killed while instructing recruits in the use of rocket-propelled grenades." - this came from a "local". A random person in the street of Tyre, who probably has no connection with Hizbollah (as many Christians in the town don't!).

This article is embarrassing and dangerous, and the only reason I didn't post about it is because I can't bear to draw more attention to it. It's a shame, Prothero had some of the best writing from Lebanon during the war.

Maysaloon said...

I disagree. Actually it doesn't reveal anything sensitive nor does it put Lebanon in any more danger than it already is. If anything, an article like this shows us what typical news reports don't. That Hezbullah is strong and prepared and that the next time Israel attacks she will find even more difficulty convincing everyone that she is strong. I think you're being a bit harsh on the guy and nitpicking ;)

Not that this puts you anywhere in the same league as some eminently wise Syrian bloggers we've had the (mis)pleasure of reading!