Monday, March 03, 2008

The stupid front page from the Independent for what is actually a very good article. A real shame and no, oh wise Independent...the suffering is not the same. One's suffering is justified as an occupier and usurper, the other's suffering is unjust, as the occupied and the usurped. The Palestinians will have justice one day and all the smoke and mirrors in the world will not delay it.


ASDFGHJK said...

I'm not sure of if the suffering of the occupiers children (from the photo) is justified.
But what this split picture transports is much worse, it says that both parties suffer the same by playing with the inosence of children in the intention to infuse pity for both sides where as there is a side that is the overwelmingly committer and the otherside is the overwelmingly victim.
This in my opinion makes this picture obscene. Usualy there is the misguided effort to be neutral by showing both sides victims (without mentioning the proportions in numbers or actions) but this picture goes way beyong and qualfies as pure propaganda. (The, in this case quit good, article doesn't alley as the cover photo is consumed by much more people and affects much more emotionally then the words.)

Lirun said...

big talker - lets see how you feel when hundreds of rockets a week hit your neighbourhood..

ASDFGHJK said...
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