Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Now, however, the Jewish Agency - founded in 1929 by the World Zionist Organisation - is facing the greatest crisis of its existence, amid proposals that it should no longer be involved in its traditional business of encouraging immigration, but function only as an educational bodyThe agency, which raises most of its donations in dollars, is facing an acute financial crisis. The drop in the value of the US dollar has led it to consider closing down its operation organising aliyah - the return of Jews to Israel - regarded as one of Zionism's overriding historic priorities. At present almost half the agency's $320m budget goes on encouraging aliyah. The agency has also been struck by a drop in funds from its largely American pool of donors concerned that it is over-politicised."

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Lirun said...

dont fool yourself buddy.. the funds are coming through other organisations..

there are american and western jews all over israel.. many are very interested in living here..

zionism is metamorphosing - its not dead by any means..