Sunday, March 02, 2008

Look into my eyes - your thoughts are not yours....

I was having a coffee with some friends near my home one night and we were discussing some of their research interests. One of them brought up a very interesting point. Make sure you are "emotionally" stable before diving deep into the seas of critical theory and post-modernism, both of which play an unwilling last haven for the ignorant and the stupid. I found this quote for Nietzsche which I really liked and now I have a reason to post it:

Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound strive for obscurity.

Allah yer7am trabak ya Nietzsche (sarcasm)


Yaman said...

I am pretty sure critical and post-modern theory would have a problem with that precondition.

Maysaloon said...

They would wouldn't they?

Tony Ward said...

A wonderful quote Maysaloon. Thank you. I will use it in my own site. Youu may find my site obscure but I always strive for clarity. I am on the record as saying that Postmodernism is so obscure because it is the province of academics who are afraid to speak truth to power and so cloak their works in mysticism. Check out the website:

It covers issues such as:

Critical Theory
Critical Theorists
Critical Practice (Praxis)
Critical Pedagogy
Critical Education Theory
Indigenous Studies
Critical Psychology
Cultural Studies
Critical Aesthetics
Academic Programme Development
Sustainable Design
Critical Design etc. etc.

The website at: contains more than 60 (absolutely free) downloadable and fully illustrated PDFs on all of these topics and more offered to students from the primer level, up to PhD. It also has a set of extensive bibliographies and related web links in all of these areas.

Have a look at it and perhaps bring it to the attention of your friends and colleagues for them to use as a resource.

There is no catch!

It’s just that I an retired and want to pass on the knowledge and experience acquired (after forty years of teaching at Universities "against the grain"). All that I ask in return, is that you and they let me know what you think about the website and cite me for any material that may be downloaded and/or used.

I would also appreciate a link to my site from your own so that others may come to know about it and use it.

Thank you once again

Power to the Palestinian cause!

Tony Ward