Friday, March 28, 2008

جرّد سيفٌ لرأس لا نخوة فيه

I didn't like Sarkozy even before his election. His reaction to the riots in the "banlieues" and his attitude towards Arabs and Muslims betrayed a deep seated contempt towards "non-civilized" peoples. He didn't say that of course, this is me attributing this position to him based on what I've seen from his remarks and political positions. After his election, he wanted to send France back into the Middle East whilst Britain and America were already looking for a way to escape- He is also a very strong supporter of Israel. So it was with some glee that I watched his visit to Britain dominate the headlines recently, less for himself and more for his glamorous wife Carla Brunni. As soon as I saw her pouting and posing for the cameras I realised that here was a man heading towards his own ruin. I'm going to wildly generalise in this post but stay with might be interesting.

Personally I feel it is true that behind every great man there may be a woman and this woman can make or break him. For a man ruling a nation and with immense responsibilities, a woman like Carla Brunni is political kryptonite. I don't know her but based on what I've seen so far, I can make a pretty strong guess that Sarkozy will gradually find her unmanageable. She likes attention, has no problem with taking her clothes off for everybody to see and thinks monogamy is a bore. The idea of making concessions for her husband due to the sensitive nature of his job is, I imagine, unthinkable. She seems quite frankly incapable of discretion and has her own priorities, so to hell with everything and everyone else. So where does this leave us? A pro-Israeli and pro-American French president who is not able to control his own wife let alone deal with the problems of the Middle East, ie. making our lives miserable. As we say in Arabic, "she will take him out of his religion". For the poor mans sake, I hope the poontang is worth it.


ASDFGHJK said...

"His reaction to the riots in the "banlieues" [...] betrayed a deep seated contempt towards "non-civilized" peoples. He didn't say that of course,"
He is at least on the record to call the youth of the banlieues as "Racailles" what was somewhere in the corporate us-media translated as "layabouts" but goes in my opinion more into the direction of "scum of the earth".

"for the poor mans sake, I hope the poontang is worth it"

... this is just a question of the perspective. Isn't there a little Govenor Spitzer in all of us (men)?
(for a hint to answer this question see the current cover the New York Magazine)

something else... i usually give a shit about political correctness but the word "poontang" is a (also) derogatory term for the woman... shouldn't you foremost choose a debasing term for the guy? ;-)

nadia said...

Or better yet, reexamine our priorities when we're talking about French politics.

Maysaloon said...

I'm not sure if my post was clear guys but I'm thrilled that he's stuck with such a high maintenance spouse btw ;)

Nicolas, point taken on the derogatory tone, I think I should have made my pleasure at his future misfortune known much more clearly.

? I didn't get your comment

nadia said...

falasteenyia posted about some guy affiliated with him's comments on the palestinians as well

i get the impression that his comments weren't isolated, there was some controversy about when he was under chirac lecturing muslims on not killing sheep in the bathtub, actually i only know about that cause there was the azouz begag book "mouton dans la baignoire."

anyways i don't know, if i wanted to hear about what his wife was upto i'd go hang out with my grandma's friends.

most importantly, why does he look so freakishly like kevin mcdonald, it's gross. i mean seriously look at him

poshlemon said...


honestly, some of your writings are very interesting and revealing of very sharp sarcasm. I liked this post. Oh, and I think you meant "she will burn his religion".