Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sound familiar?: "Apparently her interpretation of tzniut (a sort of Jewish version of the Islamic concept of hijab) is so strict that her followers do not wear high heels lest their loud footsteps should attract unwanted male attention."

Of course the similarity is only superficial:

"Another follower interviewed by the newspaper, Miriam, 32, said: “People are asking: ‘Who is it? A Muslim? An Arab?’ But there are people in the Orthodox public who insult us, and that hurts us most. Only an Orthodox person knows what an insult it is for a woman to be told that she’s a Christian or an Arab.”"

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Lirun said...

being a christian or an arab while u r in fact a jew means ur not observing correctly..

its like a doctor being mistaken for a lawyer because of their conduct.. professionally they are in violation..

it is not out of superiority but rather out of accuracy..