Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"And I became a liberal, secular Muslim when I lived in Israel..."

Mona el Tahawy, again telling us that she has lived in Israel. I think it is part of her obligation to the White Man to keep saying this with some regularity, just to prove that she's a good Arab and Muslim. Not like those bad people we see on TV.


G.Gar said...

Note that she never ever refers to herself as an Arab- only an Egyptian Muslim!!!!

Lirun said...

why is that so bad..

why isnt she entitled to decide how she coins her identity..

G.Gar said...


Cracking down on Arab-civilsation and weakening Arab national conition, is top priority on agendas of American foreign policy , zionists and imperialists.

That was main reason behind the war on Iraq- the heart of Arabism, and the American-Israeli secret belssing of the Iranian occupatyion of Iraq

Note, when Americans asked Jordanians to hand over Saddam's daughter, the hashmites replied by stating that delivering guests is against Arabic traditions. Americans replied by" we know about this Islamic thing"

The elitict strata in Egypt which flourisshed in the course of the Egyptian-Israeli peace are pro-American and advocates of Egyptian isolation!!! maybe that is why America is supporting some business men in Egypt who are launching a malicious campaign on Arabism. Also the the American support of hard core extremist ultra- nationalist coptic groups.

Lirun said...

whoops she did it again