Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Years resolution

As I sit and reflect on 2007, I realise that I've actually achieved my resolutions so, in fact, there is nothing stopping me from setting some new ones. I think if there is anything in particular that comes to mind, it is my resolution to talk a lot less. The person who talks little has much to gain and learns many things - not to mention the fact that they have the time to reflect on things a lot more and are less eager to win arguments just to prove their point. The danger of talking too much is that you hear less of what is happening around you and the chance to learn something.
In my experience, I've found that it's the quiet teachers around me who have had the most knowledge, even though they say "I don't know" more often than answer the questions posed to them. Those who speak loudly and arrogantly, repeating parrot fashion the tired cliches that define sensibility and morality in our age, usually hide a devastating ignorance behind their facade of righteousness and confidence. Another thing which talking less would help with is to stop me from entering into battles of wits with unarmed people. Not only is the ensuing massacre unnecessary, but it's a waste of time - my time.

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