Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe they should have waited for permission?

"Tens of thousands of Palestinians have surged into Egypt from the Gaza Strip after masked militants destroyed parts of the border wall. "

"Overnight gunmen set off a number of explosions along the wall near the Rafah crossing."


annie said...

First good news in a long time; I am so proud of them

G.Gar said...

It is Iran that caused chasm between Hamas and Egyptian government. Although, I am against Egyptian policies all the way. Yet, on this particulr issue, I find myself rather understandin g we simply cannot allow a group taking orders from the murderers in Qum to be situated along our borders. I have nothing against Hmas, as such, despite of my resentment of their ideologies. Once hamas has severed ties with Tehran and condemend its satanic project in the region, things will come to normal with Egypt- that is what I think

annie said...

It is Europe, US and Israel, the unholy trinity who have blackballed a legitimately elected government

Maysaloon said...

Welcome Amre, long time no speak. Reading your comments now, I am convinced that what you say are not your words. Either somebody is paying you to say things like this, or you sit down obediently in front of someone who drips this rubbish into your ears. Either way it is absolutely amazing to read your comments and know that somebody out there is actually saying the things you do. A complete and utter disconnection from any form of reality.

annie said...

Thank U for the insult Wassim.
These are my own words.

I lived in Syria for five years and there was no need for propaganda to shape my opinion on what is going on in Palestine.

So, Europe, the US and Israel welcomed the Hamas government ? Did not Hamas adopt a conciliatory position right after having been elected ?

Maysaloon said...

Annie, I was talking to Amre not you! Read my comment again, it was addressed to him.


annie said...

Sorry, my mistake for reading too fast; difference between Amre and Annie is blurred when you read at bullet train speed. :-)

G.Gar said...

Dear Annie,

Both you and Wassim just fail to grasp the big picture! Eu and U.S simply seek their interets in securing energy demands and control over oil with all the power that comes with it, in terms of governing emerging markets and econmies, global supply..etc.

The big satan are thos who keep us backwards- Iran, Hamas and the muslim brotherhood ( I am devout Muslim by the way). A progressive enlightened state with s trong Arab national cognition, is the enemy here. Otherwise, how would you expalin the Irani- american alliance in destroying and invading iraq and turning it into a medival Irani-client state?? It was Iraq that was destroyed not Iran. It Was the nasserite project that was fought not the Khomeinists of Qum's.

Hamas is doing a very good job spreading demagouery and ignarance:)

Look at the hypocrytical demagogue Khaled Mesha3il after all the upper hands of Saddam ovcer him, and the sacrifices he had made for Palestine., He goes to to Qum to shake hands with the killer of Arabs in Iraq- Ali-Khameini!!!

He does have water running in his viens, as he cracked down on the martyr of the Arabs and Islam Saddam Hussien Al-Tikrity. One of the cleanest men in the entire history of mankind

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

غزة اقتحمت وحررت مصر
Gaza has liberated Egypt!

Lirun said...

i know you dont want to believe but the situation is intolerable at many levels.. and no one really wants it to be this way..