Saturday, January 05, 2008

From Muslimah Media Watch:

In very recent times it seems that news about violence against Muslim women is everywhere. I was recently directed to a Boston Globe article entitled The Islamist War on Muslim Women by Jeff Jacoby. He describes the many recent inci:dents of violence, leading to death, against Muslim women in Muslim countries as well as in the West. Reading through it my stomach started turning with disgust. Of course I was disgusted by all the acts of violence against Muslim women. How dare men think they can hurt or kill women? Those horrible Muslim men and those horrible Muslims for allowing it to happen!

But wait a minute! My dad is a Muslim man, my brother is a Muslim man, and hey, so are my grandfather and my uncles and they’ve NEVER laid a hand on a woman. And, oh my! I’m a Muslim woman and I’ve never felt threatened by a Muslim man. And so my anger started to grow. And as I re-read the article I began to dissect why I was feeling angry.

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