Friday, December 21, 2007

Not that I'm after anyones empathy but I'll be the first to admit - my Arabic blogging is still pretty shite and needs a lot of work. (pardon my french)


annie said...

Please explain
"my Arabic blogging is still pretty shite and needs a lot of work."

I come here and see nothing; where are your posts. Did you destroy them ? I remember enjoying them.

Blogging is not to be taken too seriously even when we speak of serious things.

Yazan said...

I'm sorry if my comment came out a bit harsh buddy, but the thing is, here I can disagree fundamentally with you but not be offended by your posts, because you argue impressively, while on the arabic blog, I always find myself frowning...

And, I am in no way patronizing, but it is very impressive of you to write in arabic, I mean I've been using arabic all my life, and I adore the language, but i dont trust myself to write in it, i am a little too sloppy for arabic, while english is a more strict language. :)

Maysaloon said...

Hi Annie,
My sentiments exactly :)

No problemo, I think in Arabic my delivery mechanism is still crude whereas in English it's much more lethal :) always room for improvement I guess!