Friday, December 07, 2007

Fairouz - Al Bint El Chalabiya

Tomorrow marks the period of just over two months that I have been learning the Oud. I'm pleased to say I can now play a basic rendition of Nazem al Ghazali's "Tal3a min beyt aboha" (She's leaving her father's house) as well as the opening tunes to Fairouz' "Bint al Shalabiya" (Gorgeous girl). I can't stop listening to this beautiful song and humming it to myself. Here is the clip of it I found on Youtube, hope you like it!


transient said...

There are other posts i'd like to comment on, but this one hit me given the mood i'm in. all her songs are great. good luck with the oud, I've been wanting to learn for years.

Maysaloon said...

Welcome transient,
We've all been there habib, so hang in there. Yallah try to learn, it's quite easy actually. Just needs practice.