Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Damascubite dreams

Living near trendy Hoxton square, Syrian food is not what one would expect to find amongst the greasy kebab shops and fried chicken places. Yet a short walk from the square, one can have the most fantastic Shawarma's in London and, luckily for me, five minutes walk from my house. Edgware road's Maroush, Ranoush, Fattoush and Beirut Express are overpriced and dry compared to the splendid masterpiece which is Damascubite's large Chicken Shawarma. Recently after a soiree on Saturday night, I had taken two friends of mine to be initiated into Bethnal Green and Hoxtons best kept secret - at 4am. They were not disappointed!
A quick and random google for their name (yes I have that little to do at the moment) and I found a picture on Flickr taken by BrownFace, rightly claiming they have the best Shawarma in London. Seen in the picture are Ramez and Rami, top guys busily beavering away. I think I'll stop by there this evening and say hi...


sasa said...

Near Liverpool St station isn't it!! Damn it, I wanted to post about it last year! You beat me again!!

Yes, they are Damascene, but not very chatty with me. Ok, maybe I did walk in and say 'oh my god are you Damascene'. Very very very unusual in London.

As for the shwarma...i'll have to try!

poshlemon said...

I should give it a try sometime...

But yes, Edgeware road is overpriced, my lord! But there is a place I go to, AlArez, and I find its prices very reasonable for the qauntity and quality of food they offer. The atmosphere there is also very friendly. But they can be very slow on weekends.

I just advertised for them.

Maysaloon said...

Definitely worth a try. Tell them Wassim says hi and they'll be friendly :)

You should, they're great! As for AlArez, thanks for the tip, I'll need to try them too sometime. We might even bump into each other and not know it ;)

poshlemon said...


that's the fun about anonymity ;) Actually, I haven't been there in a long time. I don't have the money to throw on Edgware road, nor the time.