Friday, November 09, 2007

"It is ironic that the further modern humans seem to move from religion and its many constraints, the more they thirst for it; the greater their sense of emptiness, and meaninglessness, the deeper their need for spiritual fullness and a moral horizon. In the certainty and coherence of religious belief, they find a way out of the wasteland of nihilism and the ruins of meaning."


مترجم سوري said...

nadia said...

HAH, I don't know how spiritual that show is, but it's cute.

Maysaloon said...

Thanks Omnia,
I watched a few episodes on Youtube when it came out. It's actually quite funny :)

مترجم سوري said...

i couldn't see any of the epsiods yet to judge its content , coz my connection here is quiet slow.

anyway i wanted to comment on the post yesterday, but i was in a hurry.

i really get furious everytime i read that the "global" emptiness in the human soul is regarding to the human's movement's away from religion.
i know that disbeliving in the creator would leave the sould with a hallow inside but i wouldn't say that it's all coz of this , we are having this emptiness inside.
يعني شو مشان الطريقة المادية البحتة اللي الأنسانية على وجه المعمورة عايشتها.

شو مشان الصراع اليومي يلي الفرد مضطر يعيشو كل يوم منشان يثبت وجوده في عمله ويحافظ على راتبه .
يعني بيركض يوميا من ال9 ل9 منشان هالراتب ؟؟
شو مشان وين ما لف بعينو ما في غير ناطحات سحاب و أمكانية رؤية سرب طيور عم تلف بالسما صارت نوعا ما ترف لازم يدفع ليشوفو.

شو مشان هالجنون يلي طاحش فيه العلم ، ويلي أكيد عم تترك قلق داخل النفسية كل ما سمع عن اكتشاف جديد أو مرض جديد عم ينتشر,

شو مشان أنو كل مافتحت التلفزيون بتلائي قتل ودم وقتل . وقد ما كان هالانسان يلي فاتح التلفزيون وعم يتعشا عديم الأحساس أو غير مبالي ، فرح تترك ولو نص بالمية من التأثير عليه.

طيب وفرضنا أنو الابتعاد عن الدين هو السبب بهالفراغ النفسي يلي عايشو الأنسان المتقدم , عاد ليش الفراغ ذاتو مصاب فيه الأنسان العربي يلي قدو متمسك بأديانو مافي؟؟

Hisham said...

I don't know who said that but I think (I hope) it's relevant to this conversation:

"Religion is like a candle; you can either use it to light up the house or you can use it to burn it down"

It's a question of moderation isn't it? Most of the world population believe in some kind of superior being... we certainly cannot say that all of these people are struck by some kind of mass-delusion. Most of the people despite (or thanks to) their belief are intelligent enough to apply reason when needed and to resort to irrational thinking when confronted with insurmountable issues.

Very good post as usual Wassim.

God (or whatever Superior being out there... if any) bless you!

Maysaloon said...

I follow a small maxim, "Religion, like alcohol, is only good in moderation" :) I think you said the same thing Hesham.

أمنية, أنتي عندك نقطة ضرورية كثير كثير لمّا حكيتي عن الانسان الكادح و اللي لاحق لقمة العيش أو يللي يتاثر بالأخبار و العنف بطريقة غيرمباشرة. أنا مثلك ما بظن أنوالفراغ يأتي بس من البعد عن الروحانية و فكرة اله.بلعكس هي الحداثةوالمادية ممكن أن تخلق هل فراغ بأنسان صار أداة أوعجلة بمحرك أقتصادي لا يبالي بلأنسانية يجعل الأنسان فقط رقم وأحصاء
الأنسان من الطبيعي أن يتسائل عنهل شي و يبحث عن معنى لهل حياة

Maysaloon said...

As always "أيدك شمعة" as Negm would say ;)

I think something important is happening in the world today. We are seeing the demise of secular "modern" ideologies because of their failure in emancipating the human being. What was once seen as enlightening and liberating had subsequently become totalitarian, dominating or oppressive. The Socialist revolutions around the world, the illusion of liberal capitalism. Each has failed due to the very human flaws of avarice and greed. The erosion of the "civil duty" in Western societies is leading to a market led contract based society with government starting to play less and less of a role. The collapse of Communist Russia seems to have signalled the end of "government" as the provider of solutions. For Europe, the end of the Second World war had led them much earlier to abandon that idea of Keynesian economics. What we see today is a world where the human being remains alienated but is unable to articulate "from what" exactly. Thus you have "activists" in Syria alienated from their society, but about sixty years behind in their political debates by arguing that they should rebuild "nationality and citizenship concepts" which have already been made obsolete in the very nations that devised them. I think religion is a double edged sword. It can be a liberating and revolutionary force, as it is in Latin America, or as Islam was when it first spread, or it can become oppressive and reactionary. The difference I believe is always in the context. In today's world, I think religion is now on the "revolutionary" side of the struggle for human emancipation as secular material ideologies have lost their steam.

What Soumaya is trying to do in her article is point out that religion is not going anywhere and we are going to have to "deal" with it, that is, learn to live with it.