Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm noticing an increasing trend in the papers recently of articles that are almost nostalgic for the days of colonialism in Africa.


sasa said...

I guess you're talking about Ian Smith.

I think writers are just trying to be sensitive to this man in death - however evil he was in life.

I think most obits I read gave a pretty fair reflection of his nastyness, no?

Hisham said...

You should hear the shameless coverage of the death of the unrepentant racist, Ian smith by the BBC. They tried to cleverly suggest that Zimabwe was better off with a white minority on top.
You're right Wassim, I've had the same feeling!

Maysaloon said...

Evil is such a strong term I haven't heard in such a long time :-)

Yep, the worst was the Daily Mail which I read whilst waiting at the barber shop yesterday. Absolutely terrible. Did you also notice the ecstatic coverage of the Queens visit to Uganada? You'd think the people there want the British to come back. Good times eh? Just like in Kenya