Thursday, October 18, 2007

A visit to Maysaloon

While in Syria I made a visit to Maysaloon and the grave of Yousef al Adhmeh. The gate was locked so I only managed a photograph from afar but the whole area was hauntingly beautiful and quiet, at least when I visited it half an hour before the Ramadan Iftar. I wasn't very impressed that the Syrian president's picture had to be adorned here too. It was unnecessary and tasteless in my opinion.

After taking the picture above, I turned around and realised that both my aunt and her husband were saying the Fatiha for his soul (it is to comfort the person). I did the same for him, realising that this wasn't just a figure in a history book or a black and white picture anymore, but a living breathing human being who had given his most cherished possession at a time when he could have abandoned his values, religion and principles. He could have walked away. Now, because of what he did, I don't think it was France who won on Maysaloon that day, but Yousef and those who were with him. Rest in peace.


saint said...

You can not over look the fact that the picture on the grave of the most important figure in the history of the Syria being kidnapped by the dictator. And I wonder if the dictator can sleep in Abu Remaneh and near by the statue of Adnan Al Malki instead of his.
This is something should not pass lightly. Either say it or do not mention it at all. 2 million Baathists in the party should care and should object.

Maysaloon said...

Not sure what you mean by say it or do not mention it at all, but yeah, you catch my drift.