Friday, October 26, 2007

Sami has written an article on Read it here. Below was my response e-mailed of course since he cannot view It is blocked completely in Syria.

What is this? The article started off fantastically well but then it took a turn for the worse after the first paragraph! Who told you the Arabs are afraid or that we are backwards because of something inherent within us? Where have you ever seen Arabs or Muslims defeated or backwards by their own doing? No, I must disagree. We have may have been forced into these dire straits but wherever you look you find us enterprising, living, loving and finding a way to enjoy life. Wherever they have found suitable soil, they have bloomed, as so many have done whilst living in the West. Even in utter occupation and desperation, they continue resisting, as in Gaza and the West Bank. We saw them defeat Israel in Lebanon and they are defeating American in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not the Arabs who live in fear, even though their conventional military might is no match for a US city's police force. In fact, it is the opposite. The people living in fear are those very people you exalt as those we must learn from. Just look at the esteemed US embassy and even their school in Damascus, what do you see but fear behind that massive fence and the security guards. They are not strong because they have these weapons and might and fences, they need them because they are weak. I think you know why the economic situation is so bad in these regions and our countries, but I feel you have been unjust in blaming the rape victim instead of the rapist.

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