Saturday, October 20, 2007

Proud to be unfashionable

Ever since Bob Geldoff did that Live 8 concert it's been quite fashionable for people to wear these plastic wristbands which have a catchy slogan emblazoned on it. "Make Poverty History" is the most popular one. What does that mean really? Is it the same as when someone says "Make Music History"? Are we planning to launch unprecedented levels of misery that will change the history of poverty as we know it? Maysaloon and it's owner have and will always be, ribbonless. I'd rather remain in the shadows watching these fools march to their doom than be a rebel without a clue.


Dubai Jazz said...

Kudos from a ribbonless blog and blog owner!

La Luz said...

Hi Wassim - yes I am living and happy though my blog is, well, sleeping (while my guitar gently weeps). Keep up the thinking..