Monday, October 08, 2007

Choose your brand

A new war is brewing in the Middle East; Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shia or Arab nationalist, please select the appropriate logo to emblazon on your arm, shoulder or just above your posterior. Your logo makes a statement about who you are and is the ultimate accessory, get one NOW!

“When the war begins, I’ll be the first one in it,” said Fadil Abbas, 30, flexing his biceps in Shadow Tattoo as an artist etched a cross onto his shoulder. “I want everyone to know I am a Christian and I am ready to fight.”


G.Gar said...

My logo is free Iraq from Iran LOL.

Iam going to tatoo Sadam hussien on my arm!

If Egypt goes into war with Iran I will be the first to volunteer in the Egyptian army!

In thses glorious days that remind us of the 0ctober war, We all as Arabs have a duty to remeber our martyr Sadam Hússien.

In this war he sent an armoured divison hat repelled the Israeli advance toward Damascus, in addtion to sky hunters that engaged the the Israeli mirages and phantoms over the golans.

On the Egyptian front Iraq sent a sky hunter squadron that bombed Israelis in Sinai. In the mean while Iran mobilised its troops on the Iraqi bordes to pevent a full Iraqi intervention.

Israel repayed Khomeini in the eighties by supplying him with arms to kill Arabs in Iraq. thanks to Allah Iraq defeated the khomeini.

"A new war is brewing in the Middle East";

Both Egyptians and Syrians have debt for Iraq- the right thing to do is to join our forces again and attack Iran to save Iraq from their terror.

P.S THERE ARE NO RACIAL RANTS IN THIS POST, SO PLEASE DONT DELETE IT. dont be scared of the truth and be tolerant with he other opinion

مترجم سوري said...

why don't u tatoo him on ur head , wouldn't it be clearer to view by everyone??

any stupid knows that this war was over coz of King's Faisal usage of the oil weaopen.
the min he threatened to stop the oil exporting, the americans peed on themselves and rushed to stop the israeli's approaching to Damascus.

P.S actually there is no racial rants in ur comment, rather there is too much stupidity.
2al Egypt intering a war 2al!!!
ضحكتني ومو جاية عبالي أضحك

Maysaloon said...

اهلا أمنية
أجيتي والله جابك


G.Gar said...

Dear Omneya,

Out of respect of your being an arab woman I won't reply to your insults! If you were a man I would have dealt with you in a diffeent way.

It seems that you don't know the history of your own country. By the time the the war stopped Israel was over stretched and didnt have enough logistics to go on. Neither was their level of casualties in equipment and perconnel sustainable.

Any intellignet genius percon:) knows very well that hadn't it been for the two armoured divisions sent by SADAM HUSSIEN, it would have been very difficult to reverse the tide , reltively, in favour of Syrians after the Israelians had regained initiative on both fronts, for reasons we cant discuss here.

Finally one piece of advice- don't rely on Syrian sources for the october war, nor Egyotuan ones, for that matter, except maybe for the diaries of Saad l-Shazly ( who was very fair to Syrians) and Gamal Hamad.

Enjoy the following link LOL

مترجم سوري said...

Dear Mr. Saddam's fan,

i don't understand why u attach a capital LOL with every comment u make?? what are u laughing at exactly?

second, i'm a savage anticivilized girl . so i don't know what u mean by respecting me for being a woman not a man.

third, i can't discuss a word with u without calling u names, so ya stupid, it's not Saddam's deeds which stopped the war, i think he was snoaring while the syrians were in the battels. the israeli reached DAMASCUS , but they were forced to withdraw. go and ask ur father about this or ask ur mother if ur syrian.
fourth, don't start giving me links, coz i can give u links in return.