Saturday, October 13, 2007

ده شيعة واحنا سنّة


ده شيعة و احنا سنّة
ده فين و مصر فين؟
عايزين يدخلونا نظام ودنك منين؟

وناس تقول شيوعي و عامل نفسه شيعي
عشان خايفين طبيعي ليبقو ثورتين

يا أسيادنا الصوص
قرينا في النصوص
لو الانسان يلوص
يغورو الفرقتين

وشفنا في الكتاب
لقينا الدين حساب
و ثورة وانتساب
و عين تساوي عين

سرقتوالثورة مننّا و قلتوالصبر مننّا
وعقب الصبر جنة وباب بمفتاحين
ودان الملك ليكم وشاع الكفر فيكم
و زاد الفجر بيكم عملتو اسلامين

و كفّرتوالامام
خلاصة الكلام
يزيد ولّا الحسين؟


G.Gar said...

Foad Negm is a very brave song writer ( I wouldn't say poet) Anything that is not writen in the standard Arabic is not poetry....

However, when it comes to politcs is extremely ignorant and hasn't got a clue about whatever he is talking about. It is enough that he is defending the Iranian crimes and ethnic cleansings of the Arabs in Iraq. I would much appreciate if he focuses on social issues.

It is a pity.......I feel sorry for Egypt... Are we going to fight Iran or the our brainwashed citizens

مترجم سوري said...

i think with someone with ur abilities , u can do both at the same time.
maybe u can joing a third party and start a global war .

let us know when u go for it.

G.Gar said...

No I am in for a global war. I only want to save the flowing Arab blood of the butchered Iraqi civilians who are being forced to leave their country and to change their identity, in favour of the new Persian Iraq. At the moment, I restrict my skills to beaing up Iranians, and making sure that any Iran who ever dares of talking to an Egyptian or visting Egypt pays hardly for it.

In that regard, Iam very thankful to the Egyptian government for preventing Iranian cictzens from touching the land of Egypt

مترجم سوري said...

the egyptian governement which u r so thankful for , didn't prevent iran from touching its land out of a patriotic feeling of protecting their precious land. but coz the orders come from the Us and they obey.

Maysaloon said...

Amre as always you are amazing, please continue nourishing us with your gems of political knowledge.

G.Gar said...

I hope I won't be misunderstood, I hate all sorts of occupations, but if Iam forced in a hypothetical situation where there are only two alternatives- Iran or the U.S- I wil definetly opt for an American occupation over an IRANI ONE

Maysaloon said...

Don't worry Amre, there is absolutely no possibility anybody could misunderstand the things you say.

Rabi Tawil (AKA Abu Kareem) said...


So what you are implying is that Iraqi Shia are not Arabs? You have fallen into the trap of sectarianism set by short sighted extremists and both sides. As the Western powers cheer on, WE Arabs, Sunni and Shia, are finishing what they started, the fragmentation of the Arab world. Sectarian killings in Iraq go both ways and serve no one.

Dubai Jazz said...

I may not agree with Amre, but I understand where comes from…
In my humble opinion, the Shia' – Sunni strife that has been taking place in Iraq and percolating to the other Gulf and Arab states is the most dangerous challenge to the Arab identity. Americans have excelled at exploiting this, when they first occupied Iraq they've installed sectarian government (or maybe it happened so that the people who agreed to cooperate with them were almost entirely from a certain sect). Most of the insurgents (or the legitimate resistant fighters) were from the other sect. and by making it the job of the government to muzzle the insurgency; the Americans have succeeded in making the perfect circumstances for a sectarian confrontation…
You can't end a sectarian strife only by asking people to stop being sectarian… maybe when everyone sidelines his sectarian agendas will Iraq see the light again…

The Syrian Brit said...

Ahmad Fuad Negm rocks!..