Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"There is now a weekly flight between Caracas and Tehran, with a stopover in Damascus, operated by the Venezuelan state-controlled airline Conviasa and Iran's national carrier, Iran Air. New mosques are popping up across Venezuela and universities are teaching Farsi."


Unknown said...

Hi Wassim,

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Maysaloon said...

No that won't be necessary Alex :-P I'll zap it over now.


Marta said...

Wassim, Hugo Chavez is a very dangerous man..he�s starting his way to revolution! not in the good sence of the word... Almadinejad should know better, there are better ways to fight american imperialism over Middle East, speacily fot the iranian people.

Maysaloon said...

Please, tell me more about Chavez, he has always been in my good books so to speak so it would be interesting to hear another perspective.

Marvin the Martian said...

Wassim - you mean to say that there is another perspective to everything and everyone except it be an Israeli, a Zionist, and pretty much everyone in the so-called west?

I find it fascinating that the whole basis of your Blog is about confronting western interference in the Middle East, yet you seem to have no opinion on the role Iran and Syria are playing in the Middle East and Lebanon is particular. You also seem to put people like Chavez and Ahmadinejad (in the case of Marta) to very high standards for no other reason than that of their constant vilification of the US and Israel, putting aside poor leaderships in their own countries.

Make no mistake, the US, Israel, the UK, France, etc.. are not to be rewarded for their foreign policies, but if opposition to American values and Zionism is the moral compass you hold in judging what is right, then I am certainly wrong. The leaders of nations such as Syria, Iran, the Palestinian territories, Venezuela, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc. have nothing to be proud about when it comes to domestic policies, and most certainly aren't the reflection of the aspirations of their people.


Marta said...

Wassim, why is Chavez in your "good books"? what has he ever done for Venezuela or for the rest of the world? The only interesting thing about him is his relation with the Bush administration, he confronts them directly...but he does that because Venezuela has Oil, so can have the nerve to do it..

Is well khown his intentions to unify South America and abolish any private investiment, severe restrictions for the fredoom of speech and any social and political opposition. He�s trying to create a new Soviet Union in South America. He already create Alba, along with Fidel Castro, you can check it out in

He will make alliances with any country wich oposses Bush, but he doesn�t care about Iran or the Middle East situation. I just think Almadinejad should look to others ways...

Maysaloon said...

Hi Marwan,
You bring up some good points, namely as to what I have chosen to focus on in my posts. There is certainly very much I wish to say about the internal situation in the region, perhaps another separate blog? Believe it or not, I am not pro any of the actors you've mentioned and while they are spared the sting of my criticisms my personal decision has been to bring attention to the cause of the wound rather than just fighting the infection. I think you'll find this style permeating throughout the blog the more you peruse it.

Maysaloon said...

Hello Marta,
Well namely for Venezuela it appears that he is spending his oil wealth on the country and investing in his people rather than lining the coffers of multi-nationals and a minority rich and westernised elite. I'm sure he's no spring chicken but he speaks more for the oppressed masses and has done more for them than the MIT educated and well dressed technocrats who lost out in his "Bolivarian revolution". In many ways, those who protested against him reminded me of pictures of the March 14 movement in Lebanon. I find it hard to sympathise with Gucci and designer wearing beautiful people complaining about being oppressed. Conveniently they tend to favour solutions which America is advocating and that can't be good by any stretch of the imagination when you consider that countries abysmal involvement in the continent.

Marta said...

Yes, I see that, and I know he speaks to the lower classes, but I thinked, and this is just my personal opinion, that in a long term Venezuela will not benefit from his economic politics.

About Gucci I agree with you, in Portugal we suffer the same