Sunday, July 22, 2007

A lesson to all those who supported American designs on the region, you are only a friend as long as you are useful :

"Turkey's Prime Minister has threatened an invasion of northern Iraq if, after the Turkish election on Sunday, talks fail with Iraq and the US on curbing the activities of Turkish Kurd guerrillas.

Turkish artillery has been firing increasingly heavy barrages at villages in the north of Iraqi Kurdistan. After three Turkish soldiers were killed and five wounded by a mine laid by PKK guerrillas last week, some 100 shells exploded around the border town of Zakho, forcing residents to flee."



G.Gar said...

Everything in this region is working in the favour of Iran and its dogs- the Khameini worhipping rubbish

Maysaloon said...

Amre kindly gives us an example of how "moderate" regimes and their American paymasters incite sectarian strife in the region. The trick is to make people forget there is an occupation in the region. Thanks again Amre

G.Gar said...

"Amre kindly gives us an example of how "moderate" regimes and their American paymasters incite sectarian strife in the region"

There is big chasm between moderate Arab regimes and their poeple. On the other hand, People in the Islamic republic of Iran support de-arabisation of Iraq and getting their hands back on the old Persian dream in Mesoptamia

There is a big difference between sectarian strife and Arab persian struggle at Iraq- the point of intersection of the Arab-Islamic ciilisation and Indian-Persian one.

If you want to be fair, then you have to remember that sectarisation of poliotics in middle-East is fuelled and highlightd by Iran, in order to use it as a card in the Nuclear issue and to projct Iranian influence in the region.Death squads, Iranisation of the south of Iraq, changing demography, supporting the vichy government are all the authentic products of the Islamic republic of Iran that has brought the Sunni-shiite discourse to the forefront.

From my humble point of view, the best way to overcome that danger, is Arabism- a secular identity that transcends religous and sectarian differences. Howevwer, I seriously doubt that such a thing would be favoured by Iranians ( people and government)