Monday, July 16, 2007

If the doctor and nurses held in the ridiculous and sham trial that is Libya's HIV scandal were British, American or even Saudi, they would be have been out a long time ago. This is the status of justice in the Potato of Islam Mu'ammar al Qadhafi's Libya.



Jillian said...

Indeed. Qadhafi = champion of Africa, good for little else.

Maysaloon said...

Hi Taa,
Pretty little good for that too if you ask me!

La Luz said...

Wassim, I completely agree that Qadhafi is repugnant, and a stooge at that.

But I am also wary of writing the case off completely. It has been proven that the pharmaceutical giants will often spread disease for testing purposes. I do wonder about this one.

I also bet that, after the dilly-dallying we're witnessing now, the defendants will sooner rather than later get off completely, given the rapproachement between Qadhafi and the powers that be.