Friday, June 29, 2007

Supporting Yaman Salahi

Yaman Salahi has a new blog - FrontPageMag Watch. Yaman is the student who has been sued by Lee Kaplan, who felt threatened by his articles. Click here to read more.

The launch of “FrontPageMag Watch” coincides with the beginning of this fundraising campaign to fight the outcome of Kaplan v. Salahi, a case that was heard in small claims court in the County of Alameda (case number BS06288332). The website is both an expression of my opposition to the ruling, as well as a means by which we can organize and act against it.
While I am still exploring legal options, it is increasingly unlikely that there is any legal remedy to what has happened and it is more than likely that I will have to pay the judgment. As a college student, the amount of $7,500 is crippling, and one that I cannot afford. Furthermore, it will continue to be a nuisance for the next several years and will prevent me from spending time on various projects that I have been devoted to.
Because I don’t expect anybody to contribute to this fundraiser out of sympathy or out of trust (I would prefer people actually read this to know the great risk they themselves are at), I will explain the reasons why I believe this fundraiser to be important below. While the relationship between Lee Kaplan and I may be interesting to some, I believe it to be rather mundane and of little importance to the general public. On the other hand, the lawsuit is of the utmost importance to anybody who is politically active, as it threatens our most basic rights.

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