Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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It is not a question of the "new friends" being loyal to anyone except themselves. People are generally faithless if they think their interests are not favored. You have to to deal with that. That is how people generally are in the Middle East (or anywhere else). The real question here is whether or not these people can be useful to you with regard to something specific that you want to get done. (like kill Jihadis) The solution, use'em and then abuse'em if they become a real liability.

- "Protection money?" Let's call it a bribe. A lot of you will be more comfortable with that. It isn't really a bribe. It is what used to be called a "subvention." Translation? Sometimes people need and want to do something for which they have not the means. Providing the equipment and money that makes that work isn't a bribe. It is just common sense.

- The Iraqi government? Hah! I am concerned with American interests.

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Anonymous said...

rather pessimistic... however i do agree on the disloyalty of friends... it is not who likes or supports yout it seems to be who needs or fears you