Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Perhaps this shouldn't come to us as a surprise considering the high level of official collaboration with Israel we see in many Arab governments today. It seems that the respected Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris has appointed a zionist as it's head, a certain "Dominique Baudis". Since there are many influential policy makers and intellectuals who read Maysaloon I demand that action be taken to remove this person from heading an organisation funded in part by many Arab Gulf states. Seriously, somebody out there must know somebody who can make some noise. I know I am.

Talk about letting the pig loose in the temple...

[Via Angry Arab and the Arabist]


Anonymous said...

WTF has going on!!?

to appoint a Jewish is something, and a zionist is something else!!

not sure what to do..i'll tell some fellow bloggers..

Maysaloon said...

I think the big problem is that staying quiet on this legitimises the credentials of somebody with a pro-Israel Zionist background. This can be a big problem in the future if people stay quiet about it, certainly in the US if somebody has any pro anything to do with Arab credentials there would be uproar just for them daring to apply for sensitive positions. If you remember the Port Authority debate in the US that happened after Dubai Ports purchased P&O. Dubai ports was demonised simply for being an Arabic company.