Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ghawar Kasak ya watan Gawar

This weeks pick off of Youtube posted by Naimosman. Kassak ya Watan was one of those classic plays which criticized the internal situation of the Arab countries. Duraid Laham landed himself a brief stay in prison for it and I hear that even the late Syrian President Assad (somebody please confirm) had watched it. The humour is intelligent, sarcastic and in many ways, sadly true till today.

In this scene, Ghawar talks to his father the "Martyr". Giving him an update on the state of the Arab world, Palestine, political freedoms and justice. Enjoy this classic scene..


Anonymous said...

dont be quick lahham has good link with the syrian secret police.

infinit reality said...

wallah, i spent like an hour yesterday trying to find the play on the net, I could not find it, but this clip is amazing...thanks

Unknown said...

Laham as Anonymous says is indeed has his connections with the Syrian officials, but must we personify his art?
i still enjoy watching them in spite of him being a great womanizer and a potential Syrian intelligent.

infinit reality said...

actually I am not here to defend Laham, but before throwing a statement like "he has a good link with the Syrian Secret Police." Let us ask, how is Laham will be good for them? how about all his plays that criticized the regimes? and finally, why he was imprisoned in 1978?
I think, and it is only my opinion, that this was a rumor by the Intelligent Service themselves to damage his repetition among people, it is just my opinion?