Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fisk on Lebanon

"The mobs were there in their thousands, chorusing their hatred for those who lived across the other side of the boulevard. There were few officers. But after an hour, a Lebanese colonel ran down the street, a smartly dressed man, not even wearing a flak jacket, who walked straight into the highway between these two great waves of angry people, the stones banging off his helmet and body and legs. And the soldiers around me stood up and ran into the road to join him between these two enormous forces. "

Normally I'm a big fan of Fisk and his writing, but I just don't agree with his portrayal of what is happening in Lebanon. It is sad to see Lebanon like this no mistake, but the fact that the Lebanese government collaborated with the Israeli's and continues to do so with the Americans is surely cause for much alarm. He also misses out that the casualties have been in the ranks of the Opposition who have not responded to such provocations from extremist elements.

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