Monday, September 18, 2006

I've always respected, though not necessarily agreed with everything Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has mentioned in her commentary. Her interviews on the news show a balanced and common sense approach which is almost refreshing. This morning I read her article regarding the indifference that the Muslim world is treating the killing going on in the Darfur. Her criticism is valid and touches a raw nerve. I agree, more outrage must be shown, but frankly it's not just Muslims that need to take notice, but everybody in the world. Of course the people in the Middle East are capable of empathy with other peoples around the world, but what Mrs Alibhai-Brown forgets is that with the crises much closer to him in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, the people's attention will be diverted. Criticism would be much better placed against certain adventuring countries who are in many ways, the root causes of such massacres.

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