Thursday, August 10, 2006

Orientalism with a twist

What is this term Islamo-fascist that has been popping up recently? It's absolutely absurd and clearly elements of the Christian Far right, Zionists and their sympathizers are all ecstatic that they have a new term to rally behind. Islamo-fascist, a derogatory term and new twist in the battle for the "New Middle East". The adjective Terrorist is now old, jaded and almost a joke to describe anybody not "with" the United States and it's allies in their self proclaimed crusade. A new, flashy term is needed, one which has connotations to that last "Good war" the West waged. This term is designed to take peoples natural aversion, that has been nurtured and kept alive over the past 60 years or so, to Fascism. The premise is simple, it's still "you're either with us or against us", but by trying to associate the "against us" bit to something as horrid as the creators of concentration camps, they attempt to sow the seeds of self doubt in what is essentially an anti-imperialist, anti-apartheid and anti-colonial struggle. Furthermore, by lumping resistance movements in the Middle East working against the Zionist and American imperial project, with cowardly movements that target innocents, those who employ these terms aim to undermine and alienate the resistance.

Israel is no David against an "Islamo-Fascist" Goliath, it is a modern, Western settler state with advanced weapons (including a Nuclear arsenal) bent on ethnically cleansing the Middle East from "the Euphrates to the Nile". In an age where words are but labels to be swapped around at will and have lost all true meaning, the bewildered onlooker is left lost and impotent, unable to take a stand. To the discerned and prepared individual, the label does not matter when you know the content. If Mr Bush and his stooges label anybody who opposes their Project for a New American Century in the Middle East an "Islamo-Fascist", then the vast majority of the Middle East and myself are all "Islamo-Fascists". What a ridiculous attempt at propoganda and histeria, talk about calling a shovel a shovel.

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Anonymous said...

It's laughable that everyone cutting and pasting news articles together continue to point fingers at the US. Yes, the US is the ONLY country at fault. SURELY there's no corruption possible in the middle east. Not a soul would dare be out for themselves in the magical middle east. Yes, keep cutting and pasting these articles together, it's quite convincing.

Oh wait, let me guess, I will hit Login and Publish only to find that you censor comments....