Friday, August 11, 2006

Let's call a shovel a shovel

Israel is losing the ground war in Lebanon. It has not achieved any of its objectives yet it continues its assault? Why?

Israel is using it's murder as a negotiating tool to force a UN resolution. It will continue murdering innocent civilians until the international community manages to intervene and protect it from Hezbullah. Let's see, High walls, check! Bombing, killing and maiming, check! Occupy land, check! Deny the fact that you stole Palestine in 1948 and convince the international community of your "right to exist", check!

So how come these bloody Arabs keep coming back and attacking us? Can't they read? Look! It says "Israel", right here on this map! Israel, the bulwark of Western civilization against the lazy, sexually deviant and corrupt Orientals. They should thank us!

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