Saturday, August 12, 2006

Islamo-fascists, again...

Emporer Bush, that expert on all matters relating to the Middle East and Islam has now linked Hezbullah with the group of young British Asians who intended to blow up planes flying from the UK to the US. He said they all wanted to "establish safe havens from which to attack free nations". Meanwhile the Lebanese Prime Minister Sanyoura has proclaimed the UN resolution as a triumph of Lebanese diplomacy. Triumph?!?!?!

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Marshall Darts said...


I was wondering, who was the lexicogicographical genius that came up with the term "Islamo-fascism?" What an awkward mouthful. Aren't Bin Laden and his buddies just Islamic terrorists, or extremists, or fundamental...

That's the problem. Bush and Fox News don't want to refer to them as Islamic "fundamentalists." It would invite comparisons with US Christian fundamentalist preachers and Boy George supporters like Jerry Falwell, John Hagee and Pat Robertson.

Some of the comparisons about intolerance, incorrect and self-serving interpretations of Scripture, demonization of foes, and trying to impose a theocracy on nation states might become a little too close for comfort for Boy George. Of course for Americans you'd also have to add the extra term "greed" since the TV evangelists are as rich as Croesus.

Yes. Stay away from the word "fundamentalism" George, it might reflect back upon you.