Thursday, July 20, 2006

Utmost restraint!??!?!?!?!

What can we possibly use to describe this murder that is happening in Lebanon, I've just read that the village of Srifah in south Lebanon has been flattened. Civilians in their cars fleeing the carnage are bombed, some within 10 minutes of a hospital. Where is the Lebanese army? Where are all the Arab armies? Are we so far down the road of humiliation and weakness that even our rhetoric has lost its voice?

Yet all is not lost, there is only so much a terrorist state such as Israel and a complicit West can do. There is only so much butchery, so much bombing and so much humiliation a people will collectively absorb. The human being, in his darkest moments, and when all hope is gone, can still summon from the deepest wells of his spirit a defiance. A cry that says "NO" you cannot continue to beat us, to kill us, to steal from us. When that moment comes, when the fury and rage bubble and froth to the surface, it is then that the oppressor finds that his strength has left him, his allies desert him, and his weapons are as childrens toys. Wake up you sleeping Arabs and get angry!

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