Thursday, July 13, 2006

Iraq province power transferred

What a momentous occasion, the Iraqi government is now in full control of a whole province!

UK Defence Secretary Des Browne said it was a "milestone" for the people of the region and of Iraq.

"It is a proud day for the Iraqi Security Forces and the Iraqi government. They have worked hard to get here and have shown a lot of determination.

"Today takes them one step nearer to assuming full responsibility for their own security and to building a stable and democratic future for their country."

Look into my eyes, into my eyes...not around the eyes but into the eyes...
Well done to the Iraqi government and security forces, now that you're good boys, you're allowed to play policeman in a small province. But don't be bad or we'll roll back in with our tanks and Fallujah over you. Oh and forget about calling yourself the Iraqi Arab Republic. There is no such thing as Arabs, only bedouin tribes squabbling in the desert around the mighty kingdom of Judea. One, two, three.....annnnd your back in the room.

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