Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emergency Stop the War meeting

I went to an emergency meeting hosted by the Stop the War movement yesterday in London Euston. Speakers included Lindsey Germaine, Dr Azzam Tamimi, and the MP's Jeremy Corbin and George Galloway.

Dr Tamimi's speech was the most impassioned and he kept his most scathing criticism for the corrupt Saudi tourists who enjoy frequenting Beiruts cabarets, nightclubs, brothels and casinos. "Don't rebuild these resorts!", he shouted, " rebuild our dignity, our honour". "You bastards!" he cried out.

Mr Corbin had the most powerful speech of them all I believed, while George Galloway too, reserved his most searing comments against the corrupt and inept Arab governments who have so far not lifted a finger to prevent this aggression and stand shoulder to shoulder with Palestine and Lebanon.

Some pictures below.

James Corbin MP.

Dr Azzam Tamimi.

George Galloway MP.

(Source: Myself! )

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